Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Readers' Favorite Review for the MADNESS AUDIOBOOK


The MADNESS Audiobook, which I narrated myself, earned this 5-star review from Readers' Favorite. Very proud!


Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Madness: The Man Who Changed Basketball by Mike DeLucia is a story that will have many people who listen to it as stunned as I was; it is the story of basketball legend and innovator, Hank Luisetti. This audiobook narrates the story of a man who brought about the revolution in basketball in the 1930s. Before then, the one-handed shot was non-existent in basketball until this legend made it popular. He is said to have been an incredible player with an incredible jump. This nonfiction book explores the life of this exceptional sportsman and the reason why he never became a celebrated name on the lips of sports fans. Paid $10,000 in 1938 to star in a movie about himself, he was suspended from joining the leagues at this time. But the real impediment that kept him in the shadows came when he joined his country to fight in WWII, where he contracted Spiral Meningitis and nearly died. When the NBA was formed, he refused to play professionally.

This book introduces readers to one of the basketball legends they will love. Readers will learn about his style of play, and the influence and changes that happened to the game because of his influence. I have known of many basketball legends, including Michael Jordan, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, LeBron James, Larry Bird, and others, but not Hank Luisetti. This is a well-researched book and I enjoyed how the author allows the culture and the political atmosphere of the time to come out in the narrative. Madness: The Man Who Changed Basketball offers great material for the big screen. This is a story for every fan of basketball and a great tribute to a great sportsman.

The audio is clear and professionally recorded. Readers will enjoy hearing about the life of the protagonist. The excellent narration by the author begins with the research, his dreams, and how he tackled the idea of writing about this pioneer player and the role he played in basketball history and evolution. It is an engaging story and filled with entertainment and information that readers will enjoy.