Thursday, December 10, 2020

Being Brothers by Mike DeLucia - #1 New Release on Amazon

Finally, release day has come and gone and Being Brothers is a #1 New Release on Amazon US! Thank you to my readers. You've made this writer very proud.

Here's what readers are saying...

"Absolutely delightful book! Reading it brings one back to a not so long ago past of pure clean fun, growing up, humiliations and triumphs, family... and of course baseball!"

"Before the internet, social media, and gaming, life was full of good friends, good neighborhoods, and good times, and this book allows the reader a glimpse into the heart of those days in the beautiful Bronx. I highly recommend this family story!"

"The love, friendships, frustrations and triumphs are all written with such care, you can almost hear the moms calling their children home for supper as the sun starts to set!"

"DeLucia delivers a great story for any native New Yorker. I love a story about the neighborhood I was born and raised in."