Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review for Born for The Game

 Reviewed By Tanja Jurkovic for Readers' Favorite

Born For The Game by Mike DeLucia is an exciting take on a 'what if' situation set in the modern world that embodies a visionary approach to life and the human race. Phineas Stone, now a very wealthy man, has had his fair share of bad luck and hard life living in the foster care system. His greatest dream was to play for the baseball team LA Greyhounds; however, that dream wasn't obtainable because of his dwarfism. Together with two of his close friends, Phineas comes up with an idea to create the perfect baseball player, the best baseball player the world has ever seen...and succeeds in his intention. When Ryan was born, this little girl had her life made for her from the beginning, with a concise plan put in action to make her precisely that; the greatest baseball player. However, intrigue and the dark side of human nature start appearing in her path, and Ryan is presented with some life choices that will decide the course of her career in the future. Will she manage the pressure of excellence put on her and make the right choices about events and people in her life? 

This unusual yet wholesome story describes the world of baseball in great detail, and every game seems like it was played right before the reader's eyes. Mike DeLucia's fast-paced and action-like style of writing creates a world of excitement and intrigue, paying a lot of attention to the characters, their personalities, and their mutual relationships, which makes this story all the more gripping to read. Mike DeLucia has beautifully portrayed all the characters' personalities and their aspirations with his compelling style of writing. What I loved the most were his descriptions of the games; described in such great detail and with such emotion, it felt as if I was there on the field with the players themselves. The story simply flows and DeLucia creates this air of constant action and excitement throughout the whole book, which makes Born For The Game a thrilling and inspiring read.