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What do a 4 foot 5 inch eccentric billionaire, a Japanese karate master, and a rogue Hall of Fame pitcher have in common? They create the greatest baseball player of all time... And her name is Ryan.

Multi-award-winning author Mike DeLucia is back with new and exciting characters, and a story about the pursuit of dreams, love, betrayal, and how choices drive our life’s journey.

Phineas Stone’s life as a dwarf and a product of the foster-care system mold his dogged determination to rise above his meager circumstances and build a financial empire. But even his magnificent wealth and influence cannot buy his lifelong dream of playing baseball for his beloved Los Angeles Greyhounds.

Together with Rollie Rollins, a former Major League knuckleballer with a penchant for mischief, and his longtime friend, Ito Hachi, Phineas effects a brilliant, yet unorthodox plan of creating an elite athlete under a veil of secrecy and pretense.

The characters in this story are driven by their dreams, but ultimately realize that chasing them brings with it the possibilities of both rapture or insufferable tragedy.

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From the multi-award-winning author of MADNESS:The Man Who Changed Basketball comes another inspiring novel about Friends, Family... and Baseball.

BEING BROTHERS takes the reader on a journey back in time, to a much simpler era, and examines the experiences of family, friendship, life lessons, and the profound impact of our past.

Who's the greatest basketball player ever?
It's not Michael Jordan.
Madness is the intriguing story of Hank Luisetti, the predawn of March Madness, and how modern basketball was born.

This historical fiction novel is based on the basketball achievements of Hank Luisetti. 
Some actual events, aspects, and characters have been fictionalized.

A heart-warming short story that invites readers to the Bronx during the 1960s and into the home of the DeFrancos, where two estranged brothers are forced to play on the same little league team. 

In the process they learn about life, each other, and the enduring challenges of being brothers.

"I felt so much like the main character. The sentence, 'I felt anxious and out of place. Literally prayed to God that the ball wouldn't come to me' hit me like a lightning bolt. Although it didn't happen on the field I've had countless experiences like that. We probably all did but Mike expressed it in such a creative and emotional way that it hit a chord and I burst into tears while reading it on the train ride home from work." - Amazon Review


There’s no sport more American than baseball, but has the beloved pastime forgotten its fans? Mike DeLucia calls on his team to pay more attention to its followers than its cash flow in Boycott the Yankees, a biting critique of the team he worships.

DeLucia advocates that fans boycott the team until it lowers ticket prices and shows them a little more respect. He rallies against what he considers an obsession with ego and greed.

Like many kids in New York, DeLucia grew up playing baseball with his friends and pretending to be a Yankee. He collected baseball cards as tributes to his favorite players, savoring rather than trading them. He cherishes the history of the game but traces how corporate America came to be the one cashing in on the home runs, charging higher and higher ticket prices to cover the costs of players and their demands.

It’s a labor of love as he calls on fans to stand together and force baseball to return to its roots: a game dedicated to the people in the stands instead of the cash in their wallets.

"Mike DeLucia's book says what so many Yankee fans have always believed but never dared to say out loud." - Amazon Review

"Mr. DeLucia's style is compelling, and you can't put the book down once you start to read. Recommended for all baseball fans or other sports enthusiasts!" - Amazon Review

"I especially like that DeLucia doesn't just whine about it, he offers real and rational solutions to every problem. Then he tells the reader exactly how to help their team!" - Amazon Review

"The issues raised, not only apply to professional sports, but to our lives as consumers. It tears away the altruistic mask of the corporate mentality and shows us what's really going on. Not to be missed." - Amazon Review

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